HUFCOR 600 Series

The Hufcor 600 Series line of partitions is the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing operable wall constructed today. The 600 Series combines the durability of a heavy-duty welded steel frame with the versatility of various acoustical and aesthetic face constructions.

Hufcor 600 Series

The design allows the operable walls to be manufactured with Hufcor's quick-set retractable top and bottom seals that provide the most reliable in-field operation. Protective edge trim is standard on both 3" and 4" models, yet both can be supplied with a monolithic, untrimmed edge. The deep nesting, interlocking bullnose/astragal and integrated compression seals provide a tight vertical seal system for superior sound isolation.

Operable partitions are available in three configurations: single panels for optimal flexibility; paired panels for wall-to-wall separation; or continuously hinged (train) for wall-to-wall electric operation.












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Hufcor 600 Series

Hufcor 600

600 Series Features & Benefits

1) Protective vertical trim protects the panel edges and faces plus it provides a handhold when moving panels. (Available option: no vertical face trim.)

2) Quick-set retractable top & bottom seals accommodate out-of-level floor conditions; provide constant force for consistent sound control and stability when the seals are set. When retracted, nothing drags on the floor or track when the panels are moved. Panels can be “locked” in place.

3) Retractable seals exert seal force for optimum acoustics even on carpet or other porous floor materials, and maintain panel stability when the seals are set.

4) Waist high seal activator for fast, easy seal activation without bending or stooping.

5) Removable operating handle prevents unauthorized operation.

6) Expanding Jamb Closure (Lever Closure) Panel Exerts 250 lbs [113.4 kg] of force against the fixed wall. The compression creates tight panel joints for optimum sound control.

7) Interlocking vertical seals ensures panel-to-panel alignment and prevents sound leaks between panels.


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