HUFCOR FlexTact Tactical System

FlexTact™ is an innovative wall system designed for use in public safety and shoot house training centers. Install FlexTact in new or existing buildings to create multipurpose situational training for peace officer and fire and rescue departments.

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Live Fire Shoot Houses = Safety

The safety and success of your force all depends on the preparation and training prior to meeting with dangerous field situations. The more realistic, heightened heart-rate experiences you can duplicate during live fire sessions, the better prepared you will be when faced with new threats. This is especially true when training first responders to engage with active shooters like those encountered recently within high-profile school shootings. Many situational training facilities offer separate buildings with plywood walls or a permanent concrete maize to provide scenario-based training. Some systems use demountable wall panels to change room layouts.


Multiple Building Layouts in a Single Shoothouse

The Hufcor FlexTact™ system is designed to provide scenarios of multiple building layouts in a single facility. The system uses specially designed operable wall panels suspended from an overhead tracking system. The system allows room changes to be completed in minutes. Unlike fixed wall training centers, Hufcor movable wall centers provide unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations, increasing the trainers’ effectiveness.

7000 product

7000 product

7000 product

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HufcorFlexTact System


FlexTact Features & Benefits

1) Seals secure panels in place without floor pins - floors remain obstacle-free.

2) Edge trim protects panels from damage by trainees and bulky equipment.

3)High pressure laminate surfaces withstand paintball and rubber simunitions fire

4) Custom grid layouts

5) Optional windows, doors, and more

6) New or Retrofit Facilities Install in new or existing facility

7) Select a pre-engineered, stand alone facility from Morton Buildings that includes a FlexTact system


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