HUFCOR Movable Glasswall

Glasswall is the creative answer for facilities requiring a physical but not visual barrier. Let the light shine in! Glasswalls are available in the following styles: frameless (glass with polished edges); timber-framed (surrounded by wood); and acoustically rated in areas requiring sound separation.

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Frameless Glasswalls

Hufcor's glasswall systems, whether movable or fixed, are the creative response for facilities. Hufcor glass wall panels are shipped fully assembled which guarantees quality from a single source .

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Acoustic Glasswall Systems

Operable acoustic glass walls maintain the aesthetic appearance of glass and use various options. Our acoustic glass has a wide range range of acoustic separation. The standard includes single-pane glazing, with optional double sealing and even triple-sealed glass. These options can help achieve industry-leading acoustic separtion, up to 46 STC . There are models available with a retractable bottom baseboard, and the use of special glass can provide unlimited design options . They can even be incorporated in the version double glazed sealed , with venetian blinds to provide a visual barrier .

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Glass walls for retail, airports 

Hufcor also has glasswall frameless systems for retailers , airports and other applications. Along with our Unispan structural system, our glasswall frameless systems have been installed in many places in the world, including major hotels, international airports, malls, and retail centers.

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Timberframe glasswall systems

Hufcor offers a complete line of systems operable retractable glass wall made ​​with solid wood frames . Standard wooden frames are made of red oak, maple and poplar.  Other types of wood are available upon request. These systems are available in two standard thicknesses - 1 3/4 " and 2 1/4" . Each frame is laminated wood graining tri-ply to ensure a robust and durable construction. Hufcor's timberframe glass walls can go with or without finish to match the space where they are installed. Wood paneling can be glassed with single or double glass, including engraved glass and special artistic glass. Passdoors hinged panels and are available online. Additionally, each of these systems is hanging rail and need not guide the floor .

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Hufcor Glasswall

Hufcor Inc., the world leader in flexible space management, offers a line of movable glass partitions that allow natural light to flood an interior space while providing space flexibility. 

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With your choice of clear tempered, full satiny translucent, etched, or custom glass, the glasswalls can become the signature design element of your rooms.  Satisfied customers are using glass partitions to close off store fronts, bank lobbies, library training centers, and to create meeting rooms.


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